Custom Jordans – Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I design my own Converse shoes?

The beauty in creating your own custom converse design rather than the standard off the shelf Converse shoe, is that it allows you to be an individual, to be unique, to be the only one world wide to have your own design, colour, style, personal iD message, the exact way you want it!

By customising your Converse shoe, it allows you to express your creativity and imagination when you create your design in one of the best shoe brands around – Custom Converse.

Not only is this is a great idea for yourself, it is also a great gift as a birthday present, design a matching pair for your partner, your kids, bestfriend, your parents or even for your entire bridal party! Your creativity and design is limitless! Let your imagination run wild!

Why cant I order directly from the US Converse website from Australia?

US Converse only allows orders directly to US residents only and require a US issued credit card for payment. They are also unable to ship to an Australian address.

Who is Conversebyyou?

ConverseByYou provides a service to allow you to design your own shoes with Custom Converse and ship them to Australia in 3 easy steps. We are not Converse or have any association with them, we simply provide you with a service to ship your Converse Shoes to Australia.

How do I start designing my own custom converse shoes?

You will design your Custom Converse shoes on the US Converse website. You will not be creating or designing any shoes on our actual website. You will then share the design by sending us an email to obtain a quote and to make an order.


What do I do after I have created my own unique Converse design?

Once you have completed your design, you will need to email the design to yourself by using our share guide. You will need to ensure that your design is complete before sharing, this would include your personal iD, shoe size and anything else.

How do I email the design to myself?

Once the design has been completed, the share icon is at the top left corner. Simply click on the email button to send your design to ConverseByYou.

Ensure the ‘FROM’ and ‘TO’ email is your personal email, and that it is the exactly the same email.

Open up the shared design in your personal email account. You will then be able to view your completed design. If you have not received your shared design in your email, please check your ‘Junk folder’ as it may be have sent to that folder. Please ensure all the colours, patterns and size you have entered for your custom shoes, clothing or equipment is correct.

You will receive a reply from the Conversebyyou team within 24 hours with a quote and for further order instructions.

If I am satisfied with my custom Converse design and the quote provided, how do I place the order?

Payment instructions will be sent directly to your email account. Add the product to the checkout cart to complete the ordering process. We accept paypal and credit card payment.


How long will it take for Converse to manufacture my custom shoe?

Depending on the product and materials you have chosen it can vary. Generally, it will take approximately 2-3 weeks.

Why is the prices different from the US Converse website?

Prices are different because the US Converse website prices are in US dollars. This inital price does not include US sales tax and US ground shipping fee. The total quote provided by Conversebyyou will be based as AU dollars inclusive of shipping fees from the US to Australia.

Please take into consideration that the prices will vary from product to product. Once you have decided on the type of the shoe, additional fees will be calculated to the total cost of the shoe.


How long does it take to ship from the US to Australia?

Shipping to Australia is completed through Australia Post and is sent using Registered Post to ensure parcels can be tracked. Please provide a suitable delivery address, otherwise, a notification card will be provided by Australia Post for collection at your local post office. It will then take another 2-3 weeks for delivery from the US to Australia.

Can I get expressed Shipping?

Yes! Express shipping is also available at an extra cost in addition to the standard shipping fee. You will likely receive your shoes within 1-2 weeks once the customs shoe has been manufactured. You will need to contact the ConverseByYou team to notify them that you prefer the express shipping option.

How much does shipping my custom Converse shoe to my address?

Shipping fees are calculated by the volumetric weight of the whole package. Therefore, if there are multiple custom Converse shoes ordered, the lower the shipping fee. In most cases, the delivery cost for a single Converse shoe from the US to Australia is $60 AUD.